I resisted the social media phenomenon for the longest time. Lame! Ridiculous! Ugh! I’m Facebooking, isn’t that enough!? I’m ‘liking’ and ‘friending’, seriously, I refuse to tweet! For starters, what a goofy word? I feel like a twerp saying it. And who wants to know that I had a kale salad for lunch or that I’m happy looking at the sunset or other random, useless information. Aren’t we bombarded with enough useless words and images every second of our lives!?

Well, I’ve been tweeting like a twerp for the last couple weeks and loving it!!! Truth be told, my cousin @douglasrudin set up a Twitter account for me last year and I did about 3 tweets in the fall, when we were fund raising for our indie film ‘Amnesia'(which btw, is in the final stages of post production-very exciting!). Then about a month ago my acting coach/friend @PaulKampf gave me an assignment to expand my universe which included using my Twitter account. I reluctantly agreed. Then about two weeks ago I had coffee with my friend the lovely and talented actress @sharonlawrence. Right then and there she had me upload a picture to Twitter and suggested that I follow this person and that. I thought, “if the classy, socially conscious Sharon Lawrence tweets, well then so can I!”

I’m hooked and having so much fun. Granted, I won’t be tweeting about what I had for lunch or the fact that my dog farted and it smelled like raw sewage(yeah, gross!) but I’m enjoying using this platform to share things about acting and art and music and causes I support and things that inspire me and hopefully others. Boring to some but I’m feeling empowered communicating in the cyber universe.

Come follow me @theingridrogers…we’ll have a great ride!