2013 was a very challenging year for me personally and professionally. But I came out of it enlightened because Life said, “Hey Ingrid! Wake up!” You see, I’d been asleep for a very long time…fifteen to twenty years long, in fact. I was going through the motions but life was doing me, I wasn’t doing it. Toward the end of last year, I realized that I was operating at a fraction of my potential as a woman and an artist. This can be demoralizing and debilitating to the spirit. I reexamined my direction and purposes in life. I shed the ones that no longer served me and came out with a renewed purpose to create the life I want. I’m at the middle of my life now. I refuse to succumb, give up on my dreams and sport a muffin top.

So there’s lots to be done. I’m starting with my ninety day body transformation because there may be many things in life beyond my control but what I eat and how I move my body is not one of them. In times of stress, I eat for comfort. Lots of things I don’t normally eat because boy oh boy it tastes and feels so good in the moment. So, I started this year not five or ten or even fifteen but twenty pounds above my usual weight! I’m really not a big ‘get on the scale and weigh myself person’, but when I could no longer zip up my favorite jeans(even after lying on my bed), I knew I had a problem. I’m only on day five of ninety but it feels great to exercise discipline and control in this area of my life.

Artistically, I’ve been an actress for over twenty years but most of that time has been spent fighting against myself and tearing down my ability rather than building it up. Not fun. But what I do love is telling stories. I loved it a couple years ago when I wrote our short “Dancing Still” and I loved it in high school when our theatre class wrote a play about South Africa and told the story of apartheid. So this year I’ll complete the pilot script I’ve been working on and start a docu-series idea that I’m passionate about.

In 2014 I will dive into life and create things. My visions will no longer remain trapped in my imagination. Italy here I come this summer….my tickets are booked. I will drive a race car…the lesson and laps are already paid for. I’ll be in the best shape of my life because I decided to be. I will contribute to my community and uplift my family and friends because I can.

I look forward to sharing this act of life with you. It’s going to be great!